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Has the volcano stopped erupting?

As you may know, a volcano was borned on March 19 in the South West of Iceland. Since then, it has been erupting continuously for almost 4 months now. As you can see here, the eruption has been changing from week to week and even sometimes from day to day. These days, the shape of the volcano consists of one big crater. The time between eruptions is longer than it’s ever been before, for an average of 16 to 24 hours. As a consequence, the volcano is still erupting, but you might have to be patient to see lava spitting. However, on the night of the 2nd of July, a big eruption occurred. The lava flow was huge and flowing from all sides of the crater.

Afterwards, the volcano stopped erupting for a while for a 16 hours break. Maybe it needed to slow down a little? However, the volcano erupted again the day after. It now has a new rhythm, confirming the fact that the volcano is really unpredictable and full of surprises. 

So how’s the situation there?

Well now the valley is filled with dry lava. It is more difficult to get close to the volcano. New paths have been made but they only permit to see the crater from a certain distance, but you can still spot lava flows and spitting lava from a distance on top of a mountain nearby :

At the moment (7th July 21):

You can on a tour to the volcano with RTI!