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7 Days | Off the beaten track - hiking and camping in the South East of Iceland

Explore Iceland off the beaten track. Grab your backpack and explore places that are not on every tourist map.

7 days

Starting at 254.990 ISK


Are you the adventurous type? Join us and we will take you off the beaten track. Travel with us to the east of Iceland, hike in the unique local nature, enjoy hot springs and the majestic Icelandic glacier. All you need is a backpack and a tent, leave the rest to us.

After the pick-up in Reykjavik, we will head to the South Coast. At Seljalandsfoss we will walk behind the waterfall curtains, while at Skogafoss, the waterfall that was featured on the "Game of Thrones" TV show we will look for the buried treasure. We also visit the world-famous Reynjisfjara black sand beach and the nearby basalt columns at Reynisdrangar. The overnight stay is at Kirkjubæjarklaustur.

After breakfast, we will head to the Vatnajökull National Park, to Skaftafell, completing a 5,5 kilometer-long hike around the area. On this path, we will stop at a picturesque waterfall, Svartifoss. Jökulsárlon, the Glacier Lagoon follows, which is one of the most photographed sights in all of Iceland, just like its neighbor, the Diamond Beach. The overnight stay is at Höfn at the campground.

As we approach the east of Iceland, we visit the Vestrahorn mountain range in order to take some stunning photos. We learn a bit about the local history at Djúpivogur. After passing the Búlandstindur mountain, we will also look at the Hengifoss waterfall, which is the second biggest in Iceland. The overnight stay is in Egilstadir.

On the fourth day, we will be enjoying nature during our hike at Laugarfell. This trail is called the Waterfall Circle and is 8 kilometers long, offering five waterfalls and one canyon. Some of them are the most powerful in this region and the most famous are Kirkjufoss and Faxi. In order to relax a bit afterward, we will take a bath in the hot springs at Laugarfell. In the afternoon, we will head to the Stuðlagil Canyon and experience its turquoise waters. The overnight stay is in Egilstadir.

Time for a great outdoor activity, which will take place at Heinabergslón. We will meet our kayak guide and the 3,5-hour long exploration tour will commence. Kayaking is the ultimate way to enjoy the magnificent view the world-famous Vatnajökull National Park offers. This environmentally friendly area is never too crowded with visitors and those, who are willing to steer off the "beaten path" will be truly rewarded. The overnight stay is at the Svinafell campground.

On the next day, we will partake in another activity, glacier hiking, but first, we will make a stop at Fjaðrárgljúfur, a 2 kilometer long and often 100-meter high canyon. The hike itself will take place at Sólheimajökull, which is an outlet glacier of Mýrdalsjökull. After short safety instruction, we will put on our gear and step on the ice. The hike itself is 2,5 hours long with 1,5 hours spent on the glacier. Even though, this is a relatively easy activity, a moderate level of fitness is still required. Our overnight stay is at the campground in Hveragerði.

On the last day, we will visit the area surrounding the town of Hveragerði, where you can find hundreds of natural hot springs, thanks to the significant geothermal energy. During a short hike, we will walk to Reykjadalur. We will have enough time to pamper ourselves in the water, before heading back to the capital after a week full of adventure. 

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What's included?

  • Pick-up and drop off in Reykjavik
  • Tent & Sleeping bag
  • Breakfast & Dinner
  • English-speaking guide
  • Small group
  • Wifi onboard
  • Admission to Viðgelmir Lava Cave
  • Guided kayak tour
  • Glacier hike
  • Safety equipment for the glacier hike


  • Lunch

What do I need to bring?

  • Please dress according to the weather
  • Good hiking boots are required for the glacier hike (minimum size EU 36 / US 5,5 / UK 3,5)
  • Bring your camera
  • We will have stops during the tour where you can purchase food and snacks

Know before you go

  • Pick up is from designated locations in Reykjavík. Pick up is not available from Keflavik airport or outside of the greater capital area.
  • The tour is operated from June - August, to take advantage of the good weather conditions. However, it can happen that we have bad storms during the tour and we have to change our accommodation to Guesthouses.
  • When it comes to the glacier hike, safety is our priority number one. Even though the hike is created for first-timers, some of the terrains lead us through icy and steep terrain. If you don't like to be on your feet, the glacier hike may not be for you. We will provide you with all the necessary gear but full mobility is required in order to have a safe trip on the glacier. All our guides have a lot of experience with glacier hikes and they will make a final decision whether you are able to participate or not when we arrive at the glacier. Please remember that if a guide refuses to let you go on the glacier, the decision is made with your safety in mind.


Day 1: South Coast Sightseeing

After your pick up, we head out of the city. We shortly arrive in the countryside passing Hellisheiðarvirkjun, the geothermal power plant for the capital area. Our first stop is Seljalandsfoss waterfall. and we will walk behind the waterfall curtains. After a short ride, we arrive at Skogafoss waterfall. Skogafoss was featured in "Game of Thrones" and it is said that one of the first settlers has buried a treasure chest behind it. Next up is Reynisfjara black sand beach. The beach was once rated as one of the ten most beautiful places worldwide. In the summertime, hundreds of Puffins are nesting here and the rock stacks called Reynisdrangar are standing picturesque in the ocean next to the beach. Overnight stay will be at the campground in Kirkjubæjarklaustur.

Day 2: Skaftafell and Svartifoss

After breakfast, we head to Skaftafell, located in the Vatnajökull National Park. A real paradise for hikers. We take a 5,5 kilometer-long hike around the area. The path also leads us to Svartifoss, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland. Extraordinary views are our reward for hiking up the mountain path. After the hike, it is time for lunch. We then head further east and our next stop will be Jökulsárlon or the Glacier Lagoon. Big icebergs are breaking apart the main glacier and they are then floating around in the lagoon that is situated in front of the glacier. After some time, the icebergs melted enough to float out to the ocean. Waves bring back the crystal clear ice to the black beach next to the lagoon, creating a special place called the Diamond Beach. Overnight stay will be at the campground in Höfn.

Day 3: Eastfjords and Hengifoss

We start the day in style as we visit the well-known Vestrahorn mountain range. A great place to take stunning photos. The drive continues on narrow roads along the fjords and our next stop will be Djúpivogur, a small fishing village with a long history. Next to the city is Búlandstindur mountain, and it is said that this mountain can make wishes come true during the summer solstice. After passing Egilsstadir, the city where we will spend the next two nights, we pay a visit to Hengifoss waterfall. An easy hike leads us to Iceland's second-biggest waterfall. The waterfall is particularly picturesque. The layers between numerous Tertiary lava strata yield a reddish color particularly salient in the cliffs around Hengifoss.

Day 4: Waterfall Circle hike & Stuðlagil Canyon

Today is mostly about moving our legs. First, we head into the highlands of Iceland. Starting in Laugarfell, the Waterfall Circle is an 8 kilometer-long hiking circle. On the hike, you can see five waterfalls and one canyon. Some of these waterfalls are among the most powerful in East Iceland. The most famous of the waterfalls are Kirkjufoss and Faxi. After the hike, it is a good idea to take a bath in the hot springs in Laugarfell. After Lunch, Stuðlagil Canyon is next on our agenda. Basalt columns surround the canyon, and turquoise water makes it a special place.

Day 5: Explore Iceland in a Kayak

Today we head back in the direction of Reykjavik. We are driving along Vatnajökull glacier until we reach Heinabergslón. We meet our kayak guide and go on a 3,5 hour-long exploration tour. Glacier kayaking is the ultimate way to experience the magnificence of the world-famous Vatnajökull National Park. An unforgettable trip where we enjoy unbeatable panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and glaciers and their reflection in the mirror-like water of the Heinaberg Lagoon. From the lagoon, you will have an excellent view over Vatnajökull and on the tour we step on one of the icebergs and take a short walk, overlooking the lagoon and surrounding area – safely equipped with the appropriate glacier gear. Heinabergslón is “out of the beaten path”, so there is no other traffic on the water. This is the tour for those who want to be environmentally friendly while exploring nature. Overnight stay will be at the Svinafell campground.

Day 6: Glacier Hike

Our first stop today is the well-known canyon Fjaðrárgljúfur. The canyon is about 2 kilometers long and the cliffs can be high as 100 meters. We take an easy hike to walk all the way into the glacier. We saw plenty of glaciers, now it's time to put a foot on one of them. We drive to Sólheimajökull glacier, an outlet glacier coming down from Mýrdalsjökull glacier. We put on our safety gear and step on the glacier. Our glacier hike is around 2,5 hours long with 1,5 hours spent on the glacier Even though the hike is relatively easy, a moderate level of fitness is required. On our way towards our campground, we will add one more stop at Urriðafoss waterfall. Overnight stay will be at the campground in Hveragerði.

Day 7: The steamy valley

After breakfast, we head straight to the mountain. Hveragerði. is well known among Icelanders because you can find hundreds of natural hot springs around it. We have to take a moderate hike (3km/2miles) to a valley called Reykjadalur. There we can find a hot spring that heats up a river. Depending on where you jump into the water, the temperature can reach more than 40°C/104°F. There is enough time to relax in the water or even explore the area more on your own. After we are fully relaxed we head back to the city.