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Dive Davidsgjá day tour

Diving tour

7 hours

Starting at 39.900 ISK


When we first get to the site you will enjoy the peace and quiet of having no one else around you when gearing up because of the secluded location where we enter the lake. This peaceful and remote feeling will then follow you all the way through your dive, as the only life you will see in the water part from your guide and your dive buddy might be some Trout and Arctic Charr.

We start the dive by swimming straight out into the lake for a few minutes, here the visibility is usually 10-20 meters, but just keep on swimming and when you reach the actual fissure in the lake floor the water goes cold and often crystal clear. We have seen up to 100 meters visibility here many times!

Max depth on this dive site is around 30 meters, but we will base our depth on your experience and confidence.

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