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Dive Kleifarvatn day tour

Diving tour

7 hours

Starting at 39.900 ISK


 This is a truly unique and beautiful site surrounded by red volcanic mountains and geothermal hot springs. Diving this lake is like entering an underwater Jacuzzi where you will be surrounded by thousands of tiny bubbles coming up from the ground.

Before you enter the water you can see and smell the sulphur deposits on the lake floor and see the gas ascending from underneath the ground. After a few minute swim we will reach the underwater hot springs. You will know for sure that your guide have taken you to the right place when you feel the ground vibrating as the gas bubbles surround you.

But this is also a spooky site, the story says that a monster in the shape of a worm and size of a whale lives in the lake, so don’t forget to bring your camera on the dive!

After the dive we will take you to the nearby geothermal area of Krysuvik and Seltún. There you will get to see lots of boiling mud, and smell some more sulphur.

Maximum diving depth on this tour is usually 18 meters.

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