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Guðfaðirinn/The Mafia

A unique experience where groups of 2-12 people are locked in a room full of puzzles, brain teasers and secret passageways with 60 minutes to escape

1 hour
Very Easy

Starting at 12.000 ISK


You are a team of private investigators sent to break into the office of the Godfather. A famous painting, Madonna by Edvard Munch, has been stolen from a Norwegian art museum. The museum got a tip that the Godfather had the painting stolen.

You break into his office at the only time you know for sure that no one is in the building - that's at 11 o'clock on a Sunday morning where he and his gang are in all likelihood at church.

Once you break in the door closes shut and you find yourselves trapped in his office. Can you recover the painting and escape his office before he and his gang come back?

You have 60 minutes!

This room is for 2-6 people

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