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Mountain Riding 2022 (3 Days)

Mountain Horse riding adventure

3 days

Starting at 184.000 ISK


Dreaming of an unforgettable riding holiday in Iceland? You came to the right place. Get a feel of riding in the spectacular and diverse nature of Iceland, much of which is totally unspoiled. The multi-day ride will take you on a journey through a part of South Iceland that not many tourists frequent, and therefore will allow you to experience the tranquility of the region. Good to know: Perfect for intermediate riders and up.

Day 1 Ourmost iconic ride starts 9.00 and 10.00 in the morning at Solhestar horse rental farm. Each customer is assigned withtwosturdy built and sure footed Icelandic horses that are matching customers riding experience and personality, as wellas is equipped with an appropriate riding gear rain jackets and pants, boots, safety helmets, and gloves. After preparation,theride goes from our stable across the neighbor farms and pastures, where they breed pure Icelandic horses. A countless number of horses might come to greet us by the gates as we pass. Especially beautiful during the season of spring when the foals take their first sprints across the land. The ride continues to Arnabæli farm where we have a possibility to set up a lovely lunch outside and where the customer is given an opportunity to take pictures of a breathtaking scenery of centralÖlfus: the beautiful grassy fields, pine forests, and volcanic mountains. After the break, the ride continues through alongside the river, which is a home of a variety of wild birds. This experience allows customers to get in touch with Iceland's majestic and dramatic nature - both flora and fauna. We continue the adventure by crossing a couple of wild rivers (Varmá and Gljufurá),until we reach the Hraun farm, where we end up our 1st day of the tour. The ride is estimated to be 19 km long, which is a total duration of 5 hours in the saddle. After the ride customers are being brought back to their accommodation, where they are able to rest and power up for the upcoming riding day. 

Day 2Once again, we start the ride between 9.00 and 10.00 in the morning. However, the starting point this time is Hraun.We continue our riding journey through Eldborgarhraun - an open lava field area, through rocky, rugged and volcanic terrain of þrengslavegur, Eldborg, Lagaskard, and Lagastigur mountains until we reach Hveradalir. We move towards Litla-Reykjafell mountain and end up our journey in Kolviðarhóll. Surrounded by volcanic mountains and lava valleys, customers are able to discover the richness of nature. Numerous mountain paths lead off into the spectacular landscapes. Furthermore. Throughout the ride, customers are ensured to have the opportunity to try the so famous TÓLT of an Icelandic horse as well as possibilities for controlled canters for the more experienced riders. The 2nd-day ride is estimated to be 25 km long, which is a total duration of 5 to 6 hours in the saddle. Once more, after the ride customers are being brought back to their accommodation, where they are able to rest and power up for the 3rd riding day.
Day 3 We saddle up and take off in Kolviðarhóll where the riding initiates through open lava field area until we reach a 25-year-old gas station on the mountain, up there we take a short coffee break. After exploration, we continue our riding journey through lava field all the way until we come across The Rauðhólar, unique natural phenomena of red lava hills on the south-eastern outskirts of Reykjavík. The pseudo craters were formed when molten magma ran over wetlands about 5000 years ago. The diverse red color of the rocks is due to oxidation, which is similar to the rusting of metal. After the riding through stunning red lava formations, we head back to the new stable of Solhestar, which is situated right next to the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik. The last day ride is estimated to be approximately 22km long, which is a total durationof around 4 hours in the saddle. 
Relevant to know: the pick up is scheduled to be 60 minutes before the estimated riding start. The 3-day tour is accompanied by a numberof professional and multilingual guides, who guarantees the maximum safety and convenience.On top of that, accommodation for 3 days and 2 nights, food, pick up and drop off is included in the total price of the tour.elevant to know: the pick up is scheduled to be 60 minutes before the estimated riding start.


•Pickup/Dropoff •Breakfest •Lunchbox •Dinner •3 riding days •2-3 Nights •Summerhouse •Foodwear/Boots •Helmets •Rain Clothing

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What's included?

•3 riding days
•2-3 Nights
•Rain Clothing