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Our Fleet

The Reykjavik Tourist Information Fleet

Our fleet is built up like the Viking ships. Small in size, plentiful in numbers, agile, versatile, and filled with the modern-day comforts all travelers would long for. We know what you’re thinking. “R.T.I., whatever will happen if we get attacked by pirate raiders while on tour with you?!? Do not worry about Vikings raiding you while on tour with us; our guides are fully equipped with handling those situations. Our Luxury Mercedes Benz sprinters, with leather seating, wifi, and led lighting, are sure to ward off all Vikings. The fleet consists of 40+ busses, ranging from 9 seaters to 23 seaters. To put into perspective, that’s ⅓ of Ragnar Lothbrok’s fleet, but ours has got better engines.

V.I.P. and Private Tours

When it comes to V.I.P. and Private tour travels, we have at our disposal the big and comfortable Land Cruiser. With our wide range of partnerships, we can provide any kind of vehicle you desire, from large super-jeeps to luxurious Land Rover Defenders and customize your tour to your desire. These vehicles are available for reservation if you desire special trips or have a strong preference for controlling the music.

Our Team

Our staff comprises many nationalities, and if you require a tour with a specific language, we will try our best to accommodate your wishes. We also have an elf, a Klingon, and a computer bot that has consciousness. Don’t ask; we don’t know how it happened or where he came from. He’s really helpful, though!