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Ice Cave Tour

Ice cave tour to the blue Ice Cave in Vatnajökull

3 hours

Starting at 19.900 ISK


The Ice Cave Tour to the Sapphire Ice Cave is our most popular tour. We meet at Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon and from there we drive a super-jeep  on a rugged road into the glacial valley, which is an adventure of its own. From there we hike roughly 30 minutes to the entrance of the cave.  The Sapphire or sometimes referred to as Crystal Ice Cave  is a  stunningly crystal blue, naturally-occuring cave nested at the glacier’s  edge. A natural wonder that is a must see if visiting Iceland in the  winter time.

The super jeep journey to reach the ice cave is an adventure  on its own, travelling through mesmerizing landscapes carved out by  glaciers over decades. At 3.5 hours, this half day trip suits most  people and is perfect for the short winter days or if you are worried  about Iceland’s winter weather. Inside the cave you will have time to  enjoy the scenery, gaze at the shades of blue and take photos.

Amazingly,  ice caves are constantly evolving, with the caves melting and reforming  every summer. When scouting for caves for the winter we look not only  at the size but also the colours, overall beauty and experience.

Please  note that we will not be the only group visiting the ice cave. We try  to accurately represent the cave as you would experience and be able to  photograph it yourself. Visit our instagram @localguide to see photos  we’ve been tagged in as well as those we have posted throughout the  season.

Be ready for the Icelandic winter weather, please wear warm and waterproof outdoor clothing, a hat and gloves etc.

During  this tour we do not hike on the glacier but we walk from the place we  park the car for approx. 25-30 minutes on uneven ground. The walk is  around 4km both ways so please keep this in mind when booking this  activity.

We meet at Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon by the black truck marked with Local Guide logo.

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What's included?

- Local Ice Cave Guide - Any safety glacier gear needed for the tour - 4x4 ride from our base to the glacier

What do I need to bring?

Good boots or hiking shoes are essential, as we might need to put on crampons, and sometimes the ground can be very muddy in or on the way to the ice cave. Please also make sure to wear warm and waterproof outdoor clothing for this tour as the conditions can be cold, rainy and windy here in the winter.


Day 1: In winter please consider the weather conditions and arrive 20-25 minutes before your scheduled departure.

Our Local Guide base is located 370km east of Reykjavík at the main parking lot of Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon by the main highway, road number 1. It is very difficult to miss as you  will see big ice bergs floating around and it’s across the road from  the Diamond Beach.

If you are taking a private tour it may be  possible to collect you from the hotel in the local area so please ask  us about this option.