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LAVA Centre Volcano and Earthquake Exhibition&Cinema

LAVA Centre is world class exhibition on volcanoes and earthquakes. Most awarded exhibition in Iceland.

1 hour

Tour description

The Lava Centre is an interactive, high-tech educational exhibition depicting volcanic activity, earthquakes and the creation of Iceland over millions of years. It is the most awarded exhibition in Iceland both when it comes to design and technology. 

LAVA Centre is the gateway to the South Coast of Iceland and the most active volcanic area on the island. It is the perfect place to start the tour along the south coast, passing sleeping volcanoes and black lava beaches, to comprehend the magnitude of the eruptions and to understand why and how they happen. 

At Lava Centre you will learn about the birth and growth of Iceland as one of the world’s largest volcanic islands. It has risen during millions of years from the submarine North Atlantic Ridge, through countless volcanic eruptions. They occur as a large mantle plume locally adds molten rock to the magma up-flow beneath the rifting segments that line this ridge. The spreading along the ridge results in the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates moving apart 20 kilometres every million years. You will see the history of all eruptions in Iceland since 1900 and learn more about the giants surrounding the exhibiton: Hekla, Katla and Eyjafjallajökull. You will also see how active the island is on live earthquake monitors, experience earthquakes and geothermal areas. A movie showing the immense power of the latest eruption in the best available definition and sound will make you even more excited about the trip ahead. 

Please note

It is probably one of the best accessible attraction in the south of Iceland.

What's included?

This includes both the exhibition and the movie as well as reception area with detailed earthquake information. 

WiFi and toilets are complimentary.

Great access for the physically impaired, wheel chairs available on request. 


At the Centre there is a cafe and a restaurant and a large souvenir and outdoor shop. 

What do I need to bring?

This is a great place for photos so bring your mobile along.

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