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Northern Lights Hunt | Jeep Tour With a Photographer

We take your photo with the Northern Lights

4 hours

Starting at 22.500 ISK

Tour Operator: Gravel Travel


Cruise in comfort on this exciting hunt for the Northern Lights! , taken in a superbly designed super jeep, there is no better way to take in one of the world's greatest wonders.

We take photos of you with the lights, we can also assist with camera setting 

and we have a few spare tripods you can borrow for free.

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What's included?

Professional Guide

Hotel Pickup

Free Wifi

Photos of you with the northern lights  

What do I need to bring?

Warm cloths !


Day 1: Northern Lights Hunt | Super Jeep Tour

Hop on board a super jeep and travel in style on this hunt for the breathtaking Northern Lights. Take in the stunning scenery of the Icelandic landscape while keeping an eye on the sky for this elusive but incredible sight. This tour is perfect for those who’d like to witness one of the world’s greatest wonders in comfort. 

You will be picked up in Reykjavík in the evening by a custom 4x4 super jeep, built to handle the rough Icelandic terrain. You will be driven far away from the lights of the city to the darkened countryside for the best possible view of these bright dancing lights. 

On your journey, you will be driven by an expert guide who will look for gaps in the clouds and signs of the aurora borealis. They will pick the best location to see this beautiful light display and entertain you with information about the Icelandic nature. 

On the way to the perfect spot, you will be driven through the stunning Icelandic landscape. You will travel past fields and mountains and get an unbelievable nighttime view of the country. 

The super jeep, in which you will be travelling, provides comfort unmatched by the big buses. Its size allows the driver to reach places the big buses cannot. You will also travel in a small group which makes the experience especially private and peaceful.

You will get a chance to exit the super jeep for a better view of the green, pink and white colours in the sky. The Northern Lights are only visible during the wintertime and only in countries in the far north. So dress warmly for this unique opportunity to see this rare natural phenomenon. 

Don't miss your chance to see the incredible Northern Lights with your own eyes. Come along for an intimate, awe-inspiring experience that you will never forget. Check availability by choosing a date.