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One Hour Small Islands Trip

Our most popular trip is the Small Islands Trip where we sail west of Heimaey and to the small Islands around Vestmannaeyjar.

Vestmannaeyjar - høfn
1 hour
Very Easy

Starting at 15.900 ISK


This is our most popular tour. A 60 minutes sailing in Vestmannaeyjar on a RIB Speedboat

During this trip you will see the small islands around Vestmannaeyjar, the elephant rock, a lot of wildlife, nature and sea caves. You will get to know the history of Vestmannaeyjar and see unique rock formations. Go on the perfect trip to get both a thrill and great guidance.

If we are lucky we will also see some whales and seals.This is a sightseeing tour with a twist as you get an adrenalin kick at the same time on our RIB Boats.

Our guides will take good care of you and you will certainly have a blast.

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What's included?

We provide every passenger with protective clothing; float suit and life jacket. We have equipment for passengers from one years old.

What do I need to bring?

Bring your camera and smile. 

You might also want to bring a hat and gloves.

Know before you go

We do not recommend you to go on a Ribsafari trip if you are pregnant or have back problems. 


Day 1: Small Islands Trip

The Small Islands Trip is our most popular trip. We will visit the largest elephant in the world, a beautiful rock formation, and see other formations. We will visit the  We'll see the largest rock formated auk's head in the world., the cannon ball from the Turkish abduction in 1627 and the largest elephant head in the world in Dalfjall. 

We'll also visit four sea caves. Among them Klettshellir, which is mostly known for its perfect acoustics and Kafhellir in the island Hæna. 

Of course we'll also sial by all the small islands, which are inhabited by puffins, auks, fulmars, seagulls, eiders and seals. We might even get lucky and see whales during our trip.