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Private Reykjavik Art Walking Tour

Join Your Friend In Reykjavik for a private art walking tour around the Reykjavik city center.

4 hours
Very Easy

Starting at 44.990 ISK

Tour Operator: Your Friend in Reykjavik


Join Your Friend In Reykjavik for a private art walking tour around the Reykjavik city center.

Would you like a great introduction to Art in Reykjavik & Iceland and have the time and guidance to visit museums & exhibits while you enjoy the stories and treats that your expert local guide will entertain you with?

We will explore Reykjavik’s foremost art museums and galleries, but we will also sidestep out of the main bustle and check out hidden art in the city center. We can also take fantastic photos in famous Insta locations and visit secret local gems on our walk based on your interest.

Our flexible itinerary will focus on Art museums & exhibits in the city center and includes the 24-hour Reykjavik City Card, so you can enjoy even more Art after the tour if you want.

The Reykjavik art walking tour is a guided tour of the city of Reykjavik, Iceland, focusing on the city's art and culture. During the tour, a local expert guide will take you to various art museums, galleries, studios, and cultural sites. You can learn about the city's rich artistic history and see works by local and international artists. The tour is a great way to get a feel for the city's vibrant art scene and learn more about its history and culture.

What kind of art are you interested in?  Paintings or Sculptures or The latest of modern Icelandic art and to be introduced to Icelandic art heritage?

Join this bespoke experience and explore the best of the Reykjavik Art scene on a fun city walk!

  • 3-hour private Art Walking tour
  • Customized itinerary
  • 24 hours Reykjavik City Card
  • A glass of wine or schnaps

Because this is a private tour, you will set the pace and spend as long as you need in each shop within three hours.  We will also recommend other museums, shops, restaurants, and more to explore in your own time.

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What's included?

  • A guided art walk with an experienced and fun-loving guide
  • A glass of wine or Schnaps

What do I need to bring?

Just dress according to the weather, wear layers


Day 1: We meet at Ingolfur Square (Or your hotel!)

Your Guide will meet up with you at Ingólfur Square in the center of Reykjavik by the two stone pillars
(They are over 3 meters high).

The square on Google Maps:
Ingólfur Square

Our expert local guides usually wear a light blue jacket with Your Friend in Reykjavik on the back.

The Square is in front of Center Hotels Plaza, Aðalstræti 6. The Square is at the beginning of Austurstræti (Austurstræti 1).

Day 1: We stroll to the National Gallery of iceland

Visiting Listasafn Íslands, the National Gallery of Iceland, is like stepping into a vibrant canvas that tells Iceland's artistic story.

From modern masterpieces to captivating exhibitions, each stroke of creativity invites you to explore the soul of Icelandic artistry.

Wander through halls adorned with diverse works that evoke emotions and spark imagination.

It's not just a gallery; it's a journey through Iceland's cultural heart, where every piece whispers tales of the nation's creative spirit.

Day 1: A step into the Reykjavik Art Museum

Stepping into the Reykjavik Art Museum is an immersive dive into Iceland's artistic soul.

Housed in multiple locations across the city, each venue unveils a treasure trove of creativity.

From contemporary art to historical exhibits, every brushstroke and sculpture echoes Iceland's cultural evolution. 

The museum's diverse collections showcase local talents and international influences, providing a tapestry of visual narratives. 

As you wander through these artistic corridors, you'll discover a vibrant reflection of Iceland's heritage and the ever-evolving artistic expressions that shape its identity.

Day 1: The Sculptures of Asmundur Sveinsson

A visit to Ásmundarsafn in Reykjavik offers an intimate encounter with the legacy of renowned Icelandic sculptor Ásmundur Sveinsson.

Nestled in a serene garden, this museum celebrates Sveinsson's life and works within a beautifully preserved setting. 

The museum's architecture, designed by the artist himself, complements his sculptures perfectly. 

Wander through galleries filled with his sculptures, drawings, and plaster casts, each piece revealing Sveinsson's passion for portraying Icelandic folklore, nature, and human form. 

The outdoor garden, adorned with monumental sculptures, invites contemplation and connection with his art amidst a peaceful ambiance. Ásmundarsafn is a testament to Ásmundur Sveinsson's artistic prowess, offering visitors a glimpse into his profound creativity and the cultural heritage he left behind.

Day 1: Ending the Tour

As we bid adieu after our splendid walk together, let's give a round of applause for surviving the marathon of fun facts and quirky tales!

Remember, in Reykjavik, the fun doesn't end with the tour—it's just a teaser!

Until we meet again for more laughs and wanderlust adventures, keep exploring and keeping your sense of humor as sharp as your newfound Reykjavik knowledge!

Safe travels, fellow explorers!