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Private Reykjavík City Tour

Discover the heart of Iceland on this captivating Reykjavík city tour. This tour is your gateway to the best Reykjavík has to offer, providing a perfect mix of architecture, history, and natural beauty.

4 hours

Starting at 110.000 ISK

Tour Operator: Holiday Tours


Reykjavík City's Best of the Best

  • Gawk at Hallgrímskirkja, the towering church that's basically Iceland's way of saying, "We can build sky-high too!" It's your elevator ride away from feeling on top of the world.
  • Get dazzled by Harpa Concert Hall, where the glass is so fancy, you'll start wondering if you're inside a diamond. It's like the opera glasses are built into the walls!
  • Sneak a peek at Höfði House. It's so historic, you'll feel diplomatic immunity just standing outside.
  • Pose with Sólfarið (e. Sun Voyager), the boat sculpture that's going nowhere, but still manages to take you on a journey. It's the Viking ship of your Instagram dreams—minus the Vikings.
  • Feed ducks and your soul at the Reykjavík City Hall and the Pond. It's where city planning meets duck planning. Quacktastic!
  • Stroll through Alþingisgarðurinn, where the vibe is "chill with a chance of democracy." It's greener than your eco-friendly tote bag.
  • Behold Perlan, with its shiny dome that screams "science is cool." It's basically a massive disco ball looming over Reykjavík city.
  • Wander to Grótta Lighthouse & Nature Reserve to find out if lighthouses can get lonely. Spoiler: They don't, because they have bird friends. The bird in question: arctic tern. Make sure you wear a helmet!
  • Visit Bessastaðir, where the President hangs out. It's so elegant, you'll want to sip tea with your pinky out. Just remember, it's a residence, not a tea house.

The Perfect Tour for:

  • Exploring Reykjavík City
  • Those who want to see a lot of things in a short amount of time!
  • Are interested in the architecture and history of Reykjavík
  • Those who are looking for customizable options! 

Customization and Add-ons!

This is Reykjavík City we are talking about here, not some backwater krummaskuð that nobody cares about! It's the northernmost, environmentally-friendly-most, coolest, hippest, busiest capital north of the equator! As such, there's a lot of things to do here! And by doing this tour, we can perfect the day by adding some extracurricular activities to the agenda :D

You can literally eat your way through the city on the Wake Up Reykjavík Food Tour! This one is a big favourite and widely recognized as one of the best all round experiences in Iceland.

Wanna get wet? There are so many options! Why not jump into the Sky Lagoon or the world renowned Blue Lagoon. Hvammsvík Lagoon has also been voted as one of the best experiences world-wide. Reykjavík city is also smack full of swimming pools frequented by the locals and we can definitely give you some recommendations there!

You wish you could see everything Iceland has to offer, but don't have the time? Why not Fly Over Iceland? The virtual reality, rollercoaster-like experience is incredibly immersive and shows you all of Iceland's most breathtaking sights!

The Lava Show gives visitors a chance to see, smell and feel the heat and power of the earth here in Iceland. Volcanoes and lava are what Iceland is famous for and the show will leave a lasting impression!

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What's included?

  • Pick-up and drop-off in Reykjavik
  • Knowledgeable English speaking Driver-Guide
  • Free Wifi


  • Food & drinks
  • Boredom

What do I need to bring?

  • Tour operates in all weather conditions, please dress according to the weather
  • Camera

Know before you go

  • Not wheelchair accessible
  • Maximum of 19 travelers, if your group is larger, please contact
  • While infants are welcome, we do not allow them to sit in laps, please let us know if you need infant seats
  • Cancel up to 24 hours before departure for a full refund


Day 1: Höfði House

Step into a piece of world history at Höfði House, where diplomacy once took center stage during the 1986 Reykjavík Summit. 

This distinguished building, with its scenic waterfront location, is more than an architectural gem; it's a silent witness to pivotal moments of the 20th century. Its elegance and historical significance make it a must-visit landmark.

Day 1: Sólfarið - Sun Voyager

Encounter the dreamlike sculpture of Sólfarið, an ode to the sun and a symbol of discovery. 

This striking stainless steel artwork, resembling a Viking longship, is set against the backdrop of the ocean and mountains, offering a perfect fusion of art and nature. 

As the sun sets or rises, Sólfarið becomes an ethereal silhouette against the changing Icelandic sky, inviting reflection and inspiration.

Day 1: Harpa Concert Hall

Behold the architectural splendor of Harpa, Reykjavík's landmark concert hall, celebrated for its remarkable glass exterior that mirrors the ocean and the lively urban scene. 

Harpa transcends being merely a performance space; it stands as a visual marvel, providing equally impressive sweeping views from within.

This stop is a quick photostop, allowing passengers to drop in quickly to view the architectural marvel from inside.

Day 1: Grandi District

Previously a hub of fishing and maritime activities, the Grandi District has evolved into a lively segment of Reykjavík. 

This area now boasts a diverse mix of retail stores, culinary venues, and captivating museums, showcasing the essence of Iceland. 

A quick drive through Grandi still displays its functioning harbor roots. 

Newer attractions such as FlyOver Iceland, the Lava Show, and the Whales of Iceland exhibition complement traditional whale-watching excursions that set sail from this district.

Day 1: Grótta Lighthouse & Nature Reserve

Explore the serene beauty of Grótta Lighthouse and its surrounding nature reserve, a beacon for both mariners and birdwatchers. 

This picturesque location, at the edge of the Seltjarnarnes Peninsula, offers tranquil walks, vibrant birdlife, and stunning views, especially during sunset. 

The lighthouse, standing sentinel against the backdrop of the North Atlantic, provides a peaceful retreat and a photographer's paradise.

Day 1: Ráðhúsið (City Hall) & Reykjavík Pond

Nestled by the tranquil waters of the pond, Reykjavík City Hall is a cornerstone of civic life. 

This modern structure, blending seamlessly with its natural surroundings, offers a serene escape in the heart of the city. 

The pond, teeming with birdlife, adds a picturesque element, making it a favored spot for leisurely walks and peaceful contemplation.

Day 1: Alþingisgarðurinn - Old Parliament Garden

lþingisgarðurinn, a serene park enveloping the Parliament House, is a green oasis amidst the bustling city. 

This space not only offers a verdant retreat for relaxation but also serves as a symbol of Iceland's democratic heritage. 

The intertwining paths and lush flora invite visitors to wander and enjoy a moment of calm, reflecting on the country's ancient legislative roots.

Day 1: Bessasaðir (President's House)

Venture to Bessastaðir, the official residence of the President of Iceland, nestled in the serene Álftanes peninsula. 

This historic site, rich in cultural and political significance, dates back to the settlement era. 

With its well-preserved architecture and picturesque surroundings, Bessastaðir is not only a symbol of the nation's heritage but also a testament to Icelandic governance and hospitality.

And who knows, maybe the President himself might come out to greet us!

Day 1: Perlan

Marvel at Perlan, an architectural marvel perched atop Öskjuhlíð hill. 

With its distinctive glass dome, Perlan is not just a visual treat but also a hub of discovery, housing exhibitions that explore Iceland's natural wonders. 

The observation deck offers panoramic views of Reykjavík and beyond, making it a prime spot for sightseeing and understanding the land's geothermal powers.

Day 1: Hallgrímskirkja Church

We end this tour with a bang!

Towering over the cityscape, Hallgrímskirkja, standing at 73 meters (240 feet), is Iceland's tallest church. 

It is possible to ascend via elevator to a breathtaking 360° viewing platform. Please note the passengers need to pay for the entrance to the bell tower themselves!

On a clear day, the expansive vistas encompassing mountains, glaciers, and the endless North Atlantic are truly memorable.

This being the last stop, it is possible to be dropped off there. Our guests will find themselves in the midst of Reykjavík's shopping center, a huge selection of restaurants and other interesting sights in downtown Reykjavík just a few steps away!