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Private Super-Jeep - Golden Circle and Snowmobile

Explore iconic sites like Geysir and Gullfoss, then rev up your excitement with thrilling snowmobiling on Langjökull Glacier. A day of adventure and stunning natural beauty awaits!

10 hours

Starting at 208.000 ISK

Tour Operator: Amazing Tours Iceland


The Golden Circle Daytour with Snowmobiling on Langjökull Glacier is an exhilarating adventure that combines the natural wonders of Iceland with the thrill of snowmobiling. This action-packed tour takes you on a journey through Iceland's famous Golden Circle, visiting iconic landmarks like the stunning Geysir geothermal area, the powerful Gullfoss waterfall, and the historic Þingvellir National Park, where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates meet.

The highlight of this tour is the snowmobiling experience on Langjökull Glacier, one of Iceland's largest and most captivating ice caps. After exploring the Golden Circle's natural wonders, you can grab something to eat at Skjól Bistro before gearing up with an insulated all-in-one jumpsuit, giant mittens and safety helmet and hopping on a super truck to travel up to the glacier.

Once on-site, you will receive instructions for handling these powerful machines. Led by the experienced mountain guide, the snowmobiles shoot off in single file for an hour of often high-speed driving along the carefully chosen route over the glacier. As you zoom across the snow-covered landscape, you'll be surrounded by breathtaking views of ice formations and the rugged Icelandic wilderness. The return journey down from the glacier provides further unmissable photo opportunities on this action-packed day.

This excursion offers the perfect blend of sightseeing and adrenaline-pumping action, making it an unforgettable day of adventure in Iceland's stunning natural environment. Whether you're an adrenaline junkie or simply looking to explore Iceland's breathtaking scenery, the Golden Circle Daytour with Snowmobiling on Langjökull Glacier is sure to leave you with lasting memories.

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What's included?

  • Golden Circle Daytour with guide
  • Necessary Snowmobiling Gear
  • Super Truck Experience
  • Guided Snowmobile Ride


  • Meals are not included but can be purchased at our bistro at Skjól Basecamp

What do I need to bring?

  • Please dress according to the weather in Iceland. Wear warm, comfortable clothing, a waterproof outer layer, sturdy hiking boots, gloves, and a wool/fleece hat.
  • Do not wear jeans and sneakers - good, sturdy shoes are vital.
  • Camera and positive can-do attitude!
  • Meals are not included. Lunch and snacks can be bought during the tour.

Know before you go

  • A single person can only ride alone on a snowmobile if paying a single ride price.
  • If the number of passengers is not even, the odd passenger out must pay a single ride price. Example: Two persons travelling together must select “2” in the “Adult - Double ride (17+)” section, three persons must choose “2” in the “Adult - Double ride (17+)” section and “1” in the “Adult - Single ride (17+)”.
  • A valid driving license is required to drive the snowmobile.
  • All children participating in a snowmobile ride are at the responsibility of their parents, minimum age is 8 years old.
  • In Iceland, all itineraries are designed to be flexible, taking weather conditions into account. We reserve the right to change your itinerary or cancel it with your safety in mind. At Amazing Tours, your safety is our priority.
  • All glacier and adventure trips are undertaken at the responsibility of the participants. Participants must know that all outdoor activities carry an inherent risk and are undertaken entirely at their own risk. Amazing Tours does not assume any responsibility for accidents caused by its customers or can be traced to their actions.


Day 1: Þingvellir National Park

Þingvellir is a site of historical, geological and cultural importance to Icelanders. For centuries it was the site of the Alþingi, the oldest parliament in the world, before it was moved to Reykjavík. It is also a site of a rift valley caused by continental drift between the North American and Eurasian Plates. This unique geology offers interesting sites such as fissures with crystal clear waters that are popular with divers. Þingvellir is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Day 1: Geysir Geothermal Area

Geysir is one of the most famous hot springs in the world. All geysers in the world are named after it. It lies dormant at the moment, but its neighbour, Strokkur, goes off every 4-8 minutes, bursting up to 40 metres into the air.

Day 1: Gullfoss Waterfall

Gullfoss is a waterfall that is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland. It is about 32 m high and drops into a crevice about 20 m wide and 2, 5 km in length. Gullfoss carries a lot of sediments that glacial ice has carved off the earth and colors the water slightly brownish.

Day 1: Langjökull Glacier

Langjökull (The Long Glacier) is Iceland's second largest glacier. Volcanically the region is relatively quiet. It is one of the most popular glaciers for outdoor activities like snowmobiling and ice cave hunting. This is our base for our snowmobile explorations!